World Wind Energy Award 2013 goes to Vergnet Eolien

The Board of the World Wind Energy Association has decided on the occasion of the 12th World Wind Energy Conference 2013 in Havana, Cuba, to give the World Wind Energy Award 2013 to Vergnet Eolien. The WWEA Board recognises Vergnet’s contribution to the introduction wind technology that is adjusted to the needs of millions of people mainly in rural areas and in the so called developing world.
Vergnet has become the first major successful wind turbine manufacturer from France with an international scope. Vergnet is providing adjusted technology for which there is a major need in many countries, for example on the Caribbean islands. While many of the large wind turbine manufacturers showed no more interest in the market for medium-sized wind turbines, Vergnet has shown vision and courage by offering this needed technology. With the award, WWEA would also like to encourage the government of Cuba and of other countries in the Caribbean region and in Latin America to support the development of the domestic wind sector and the related industries.