Thousands of Homes Benefit from Wind Energy in Eastern Cuba


Some 10 thousand homes in this eastern province are receiving electricity generated by a wind farm set up five years ago on the coastal municipality of Gibara.


The figure is estimated on the basis of the power produced by the wind farm and the average consumption of electricity by every Cuban home, said wind farm director, engineer Jose Luis Pifferrer.


The expert said that most of the power is produced during hours of strong trade wind activity in the area, which significantly favors the operation of the farm.


Gibara’s is the largest wind farm in Cuba and it is hooked to the National Electric System through its power generation machines, located between the city of Gibara and the nearby beach of Caletones, upon an installed capacity of 9,6 megawatts, he said.


As to economic benefits, the wind farm made it possible to save over 13 thousand tons of conventional fuels over the past five years, which stands for a noticeable contribution to the national program aimed at saving energy resources.


The wind farm includes to big areas, one of which began operations in February 2008 and a second one that was activated after experts corroborated the effectiveness of its equipment, which came from Spain and China.


Since the wind farm began operations in 2008 up to last May, its power generation was calculated at over 62 thousand megawatt/hour, with no impact on the environment.


Cuba first experienced wind energy with two facilities that were set up on the northern areas of Ciego de Avila province, and on the special municipality of the Isle of Youth.