The high cost of energy

Dear Editor,

The media and interested parties, especially members of Citizens United for the Reduction of Energy (CURE), missed an important reason for the high cost of energy that the Attorney General Patrick Atkinson gave during the 2013 parliamentary sectoral debate.

Attorney General Patrick Atkinson

In qualifying Government’s joint appeal of the Supreme Court’s ruling against the JPS, the AG, under the section “pending litigation”, after stating that the group was “driven by… the grossly erroneous position that lower energy prices can be achieved by breaking up the JPS monopoly ignoring the obvious fact that…” He confesses, “it is the petroleum monopoly in our energy supply that drives the cost of electricity upwards”.

Since it is an agent of the state, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PetroJam) that has the monopoly on the importation of petroleum; then one would conclude, based on the AG’s speech, that the high cost of energy is part of the policy of the government of Jamaica, perhaps as a greater means of earning revenue, at the expense of the citizens, especially those involved in commerce and industry.

History records that, since Independence, elected governments have wilfully instituted policies to deprive the people of Jamaica of their social and economic rights, especially the right to “an adequate standard of living…” in accord to the UN Declaration of Human Rights. This form of injustice must cease at once, as it makes Philip Paulwell’s work a frazzle to the cause for lower energy cost.

Let the nation also have competing importation of petroleum.

Dudley C McLean II,