Surinamese government supports Earth Hour 2011

This year, for the first time, Suriname will be an official participant in Earth Hour:

Suriname is turning off the lights for an hour on March 26, in solidarity with worldwide concerns regarding the future of the planet. “Our planet is in danger; we’re using too much energy, and it’s evident in climate change,” Dominiiek Plouvier of World Wildlife Fund *(WWF) Guianas told journalists in Wednesday at the launch of Suriname’s leg of Earth Hour, a WWF event that takes place annually all over the world since 2007.

It’s the first time Suriname takes part.
To encourage Surinamers to turn off their lights on March 26 at 9.30pm, WWF has erected a billboard at Henck Arron Street. The billboard is also meant to make people more aware of wastefulness, said Plouvier.
Media production company Chetskeys also produced a television infomercial that is played on local television stations. WWF officials will visit schools throughout the country to make students more aware of the importance of Earth Hour.
Environment Minister Ginmardo Kromosoeto has urged the community to participate in the initiative. “With our participation in this initiative, we’re showing our solidarity with people who have a heart for the earth,” the Minister said.