St Kitts Geothermal Exploration Fndings To Be Released Soon


Basseterre, St Kitts (WINN) — The findings of the geothermal exploration in St Kitts are expected to be revealed in the very near future, says energy minister Ian Liburd.

Guadeloupe-based engineering company Teranov began feasibility studies in St Kitts in November 2015.

“As we speak, the findings of the geophysicist, the geochemist and the geologist are being evaluated at the University of France in Paris and in the next couple of weeks we will be able to have an announcement as it relates to the affirmative as to whether it’s there or not,” Liburd told WINN FM.

The minister anticipates the findings will point to the presence of substantial enough reserves of geothermal energy for long term electricity generation.

“The exploration studies that are ongoing as I speak, the preliminary findings so far are positive, and once we establish that resource in St Kitts we are looking at a geothermal plant of some 25 megawatts and that is a base load.”

Liburd said the government’s efforts to lower the cost of electricity for consumers involve more than just reliance on potential geothermal energy. Two solar energy farms are already feeding power to the national energy grid and the government is solidifying arrangements for the construction of a wind farm.

“We are looking way down the road in terms of providing some relief for our consumers in bringing the cost of [energy] down. Another intermittent resource we are looking at is wind. We’re looking at the Northstar project; we are in possession of a power purchase agreement from the investor. It’s now at the Legal Department and we’re also soliciting the input of the Finance Department before it goes back to the board of SKELEC to ensure that we can get into the mode of generation of energy – that’s wind.

“We also have another proposal before us that just came to us last week; it looks to a ten megawatt solar farm – so things are looking bright for the consumers,” he said.