Speedtech demonstrates ‘confidence’ in government, says Energy Minister

Speedtech factory

 At a time when the government is facing a Motion of No Confidence and opposition claims that it is illegal, the Denzil Douglas administration has welcomed Speedtech Energy’s investment as a show of confidence in the government.


That was emphasized by Energy Minister Asim Martin at the opening of the solar manufacturing plant on Tuesday afternoon.


“It demonstrates a clear sense of confidence in which the company Speedtech has in the government and the people of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Dr. Martin said.


“It also demonstrates that Speedtech could have really invested in other countries, but Speedtech chose St. Kitts as a means of investing.  It is the first such solar plant to be established in the OECS region, and the first such manufacturing plant coming out of Taiwan in St. Kitts.  I want to that Mr. Li for that full confidence in which he has demonstrated in the government.”


Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas expressed optimism that the project would assist in the country’s green economy aspirations.


“This project is going to bring and reap wonders for our people.  In this project we will achieve many objectives simultaneously, and I want to mention them. One, we will advance our goal of becoming a green economy, which is absolutely necessary as we position St. Kitts and Nevis to the next level in terms of our productivity, in terms of economic development, and in terms of pursuing a path of improvement in the quality of life for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.  Secondly we will enhance the technical capabilities and expand the skill sets available here in our Federation,” the Prime Minister told the gathering.

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas addresses gathering at the Speedtech Opening ceremony (Photo courtesy C. Jong) - See more at:

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas addresses gathering at the Speedtech Opening ceremony (Photo courtesy C. Jong)  


Energy Minister Martin also indicated that this latest renewable energy initiative would reduce the use of fossil fuels.


“As a government we’re not any producers of fossil fuel, therefore the only means in which we can control and have some level of control over the cost of electricity is through renewable energy.  And this opening of this manufacturing plant this afternoon is one such response, which the government intends to use to respond to the cost of electricity in the Federation.”


Dr. Martin said over the last month St. Kitts residents had seen the collaboration between the SIDF, SKELEC and the Ministry of Energy in putting in place a subsidy conservation programme in which based on a consumer’s conservation of energy, they would see a subsidy on their electricity bill.


The project has been described by the government as a viable one that’ll be there for the long haul.


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