Spanish company may produce LED lights in Cuba


Benito Muros, a controversial Spanish entrepreneur who designed a long-lasting light bulb, is planning to manufacture his product in Cuba, official news agency Prensa Latina reported.


Muros signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Industry in Havana about transferring the technology and manufacturing LED lights on the island.


Muros, according to press reports, has had difficulties finding distributors in the usual channels. His Belenus LED light bulb is designed for a life span of 25 years and repairable if defective, says the Website of Muros’ company, OEP Electrics.


Muros would have an instant market in Cuba, thanks to a government intent on implementing energy-saving programs. During the “energy revolution” under Fidel Castro a decade ago, social workers replaced millions of incandescent light bulbs in Cuban households with Chinese-made low-energy consumption fluorescent bulbs. The Cuban government continues to import Chinese-made fluorescent bulbs. Also, cash-strapped Cuban consumers have high expectations in regards to durability of products.


Rebelling against the “planned obsolescence” philosophy behind the design of all manufactured products, Muros nine years ago started developing a line of LED-based durable light products and founded  OEP Electrics S.L., a Barcelona-based company.


Source: Cuba Standard