Solar Energy Complex to be Raised in Eastern Cuba


A 2.5 megawatt solar energy complex, which will be hooked to the National Power System, is being raised in this eastern city.


The facility, which will expand along 5 hectares of land, is considered the most important of its kind in this province, since it will count on 10 thousand 800 solar panels, said Ismael Matos, investor with the local Hydro-energy Entrepreneurial Unit.


Matos said that the project, which is expected to be fully implemented in December, is part of the strategy adopted by the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party to develop renewable energy sources.


The renewable energy programs promoted by Revolution leader Fidel Castro in remote rural areas have benefitted 410 schools, 165 collective TV rooms, 20 social facilities and over 500 homes.


Source: Cuban News Agency