Renewable Sources of Energy Foster Sustainable Development in Camaguey

 Camagüey province has today great development potentials while talking on renewable energy sources, considering its photovoltaic systems which are used to pump water and generate electricity.


Specialists in this territory believe that an increase in the construction of bio-gas digesters and wind mills will begin to occur, above all in farms specialized in swine and cattle breeding.  


More than 3,000 power generating sources have been settled in Camagüey, among which windmills, isolated photovoltaic systems, are biomass stoves, turbo-generators in sugar mills and hydraulic cylinders.


A remarkable saving of oil has been reported following the use of these sources, which have been developed at the Integrated Centre for Water Technologies (CITA).


At present, CITA together with the University of Camagüey and the Meteorology Station is working on different lines of research.


In this respect, one of the main researches is the one on the evaporation of reservoirs within the province and the replace of the tertiary channel used for the rice growing as well as irrigation projects. (Mariela Peña Seguí / Radio Cadena Agramonte)