Promoting energy efficiency, conservation

THE Guyana Energy Agency (GEA in the exercise of its mandate continues to promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the development and utilisation of renewable sources of energy. As an annual feature, the observance of Energy Week serves to fulfill part of the mandate of the GEA by disseminating information essential to improving public awareness on sustainable energy, conservation and overall efficiency. This year, Energy Week will be celebrated from November 11 -17, simultaneously observed across the Caribbean by CARICOM member states.

This year, the GEA has planned a number of activities set against the backdrop of the Theme for Energy Week 2012, ‘Sustainable Energy: Powering a Green Economy.’ In recognition of 2012 having been declared ‘International Year of Sustainable Energy for All’ by the United Nations General Assembly, this theme was considered apt, as it further incorporates developments at an international level in energy management.
History of Energy Week
Guyana’s National Energy Week was an annual feature during the 1980s and was promoted by enabling a week of activities that depicted various aspects of new and renewable sources of energy. The National Energy Week was revived in 2008, with support from Office of the Prime Minister and CREDP/GTZ. The activities in 2008 took the form of an energy exhibition, which showcased renewable energy technologies from various countries and manufacturers, both locally and internationally.
In 2009, the Guyana Energy Agency, in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, continued the National Energy Week of activities under the theme “Sustainable Energy in Guyana”. The focus for Energy Week 2011 centred on Guyana’s youths. The week of activities, under the theme “Guyana’s Youths: Adopting Clean Low-Energy Lifestyles”, aimed at sensitizing the younger population on energy use and the critical role it plays in Guyana’s development. The Energy Week observances in 2011 marked the first time that several CARICOM member states commemorated Energy Week simultaneously.
Energy Week 2012: ‘Sustainable Energy: Powering a Green Economy’

The goal for this week is not only to disseminate information to a more expansive target group, but to generate interest in and an understanding of energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy at all levels. Through art and the media, discussions on topics may be facilitated among students and teachers with encouraged learning to appreciate energy.

In this regard, the GEA has planned a number of activities for this week, culminating in the First National Energy Forum on November 16, 2012. The Energy Forum seeks to establish dialogue and share information on ongoing activities among stakeholders of the energy sector in Guyana. Other activities planned include a poster board activity for children at primary school level, presentation to secondary schools, daily radio quiz on 98.1 FM, and continuous energy efficient tips in the local media. These activities are expected to sensitise persons to energy use and sustainable development and its inextricable link at a national level.

All information pertaining to Energy Week 2012 and the GEA can be found on GEA looks forward to having you be part of Energy Week 2012. Remember, you have the power to conserve!