Professional Certificate in Green Energy Management Online


The Certificate
To obtain the certificate complete five courses online: Introduction to Renewable Energy; Converting to Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency, Evaluation, and Design; Energy Auditing: The Metrics of Green Building; and Environmental Economics and Policy Making.

Why this certificate? 

A rush to green is underway, but expertise and integrity are often missing. Green job education is critical at all levels and pathways from green collar to CEO. This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary for a career in energy management and renewable energy technology.

Online courses will emphasize an energy overview, energy efficient technologies, solar alternatives, sustainable back-up heating systems and renewable energy options, energy audits, converting to renewable energy, green sales strategies and concepts, the newest legislation, and new trends.

  • Improve knowledge of sustainable energy production and application of green energy production systems.
  • Take courses online, anytime, anywhere.
  • Military Spouse and Workforce Partnership approved program for no cost training.

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Who Should Enroll
Professionals and individuals interested in and/or involved in the energy field including: design professionals, green sales, architects, contractors, sub-contractors, professionals involved in energy production and consumption, project and facility managers, and individuals wanting a career in the green energy field.


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