PM Says He had busy Trip to US


Prime Minister Denzil Douglas has been reporting on his weekend trip to the United States.  He says he held discussions with the special envoy of the United Nations for the Caribbean on health matters, including HIV/AIDS.  Energy talks on a prospective wind power project were also held with proposed investor, North Star, the Prime Minister told WINN FM.


Dr. Douglas could not give a time frame for when that renewable energy project expected to supply 5 megawatts of power to the national grid of St Kitts and Nevis will get off the ground, indicating however that concrete steps could likely be taken within a month.


North Star is expected to develop a wind farm in the Bellevue area.


According to the Prime Minister, talks are ongoing, with Cabinet recently giving North Star certain preconditions in relation to moving the process forward.


“Where we are now is the finalization of the rates and the conditions under which the government will allow them to operate and the rates at which they will be selling power to the local company,” he said.


The Prime Minister’s US trip also saw him attending a graduation ceremony of Ross University Students, and a Town Hall style meeting with members of the Diaspora, where the question of the Motion of No Confidence was among matters discussed.