PCJ Preaching Energy Conservation As Children Go Off On Summer Break

The devices are really where a lot of young people consume their content.

With the summer holidays confining a majority of the nation’s children to the home, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) said it will be ramping up its public education campaign to encourage energy efficiency and conservation among students.


As part of its efforts to further promote energy education among the country’s youth, the state-owned energy company said it will be exploiting traditional media as well as its digital platforms.


“A lot of the activities that we find fun and recreational actually take energy. If there’s AC (air conditioning unit) at home, those will be cranked up high, fans will be going, and most adults will not be there to supervise. So we’re going to be talking to the young people about what they can do to conserve energy,” head of corporate communications at PCJ, Camille Taylor, told The Gleaner.


Taylor was speaking at the 2017-2018 PCJ Schools Energy Programme Competition Awards Ceremony at the Spanish Court Hotel last week.


She further noted that the initiative would seek to explain the implications of not conserving.


“Higher energy means less money to do other things. We’ll also be talking to adults with children under their supervision, to ensure that they remind them what to do when they are not at home standing over them and make conservation be a household thing,” Taylor said.


“We’re going to be on television, in the newspapers and on radio, of course, but we’re also going to be across our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, because the devices are really where a lot of young people consume their content, so that’s where we’ll be interacting with them and giving them information.”