Online Solar Installation Training- US Solar Institute

We receive a lot of calls from Jamaican students who want to take our solar workshops or electricity training courses but simply can’t find the time or money to get away. If this sounds like you, we’re thrilled to introduce two new ways for you to start yoursolar training without leaving home.

We hope you’re as excited about these announcements as we are!

Option 1: Online Solar Installation Training

A few days ago, we announced the upcoming launch of our online solar PV training courses.

Modeled after our award-winning campus classes, these online modules provide you with the foundation you need in order to break into the industry, including:

This means that you can master all of the conceptual and theoretical requirements of successful solar installation without leaving Jamaica.  If you have an Internet connection, you’ll soon have access to the only Florida Department of Education-licensed solar PV training program in the world.

How much does online solar training cost?

As of this writing, the pricing is just below $200 – which is more than 80% cheaper than what you’d pay if you came in for our in-class training.

To learn more details about online solar training, click here.