OECS private sector discusses green economy

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia — The OECS Secretariat, in collaboration with the Eastern Caribbean States’ (ECS) Brussels Mission, has brought together experts from the regional private sector and a number of international organisations to discuss opportunities for investments in “green technologies”.

The meeting is being held in Saint Lucia on Thursday and Friday, and the second day of the meeting will be devoted to a “networking field trip” to the south of the island, where participants will observe, first hand, initiatives that involve green technologies

Building on the Green Growth Investment Forum hosted by the ECS Mission in Brussels in early October 2011, the meeting has attracted regional and international experts to look closely at proposals coming out of the earlier forum. The experts will also propose an action plan to take forward the proposals in the form of projects.

The participants comprise investors in the area of green investments in the Caribbean and private sector representatives that use green technologies or are interested in developing these technologies within their companies. Also in attendance are experts from the OECS Secretariat, OECS joint institutions in the areas of energy, export development, the investment promotion agencies and representatives from the public sector.

Among the topics to be discussed is a proposal for a Green Award for enterprises that produce based on sustainable and environment-friendly criteria. Participants will also discuss the concept of a Green Award as an approach to “gap analysis”; green awards and creative industries; and, youth-targeted green awards.