OAS ASG urges Suriname conference to focus on renewable energy

The Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Albert Ramdin is urging policymakers and leaders in the Caribbean to invest in more substantial renewable energy options, in the interest of energy security.

Speaking at a regional conference in his native Suriname on “Research, Development and Capacity Building to Support Renewable Energy Development in the Caribbean,” Ambassador Ramdin stressed the importance of implementing sustainable energy policies. “Given the heavy reliance on imported fossil fuels, the region must strive harder to develop and expand initiatives which can result in its own competitively priced, reliable, safe, and affordable energy sources,” said Ramdin.

Pointing to the potential for the development of geothermal, biomass, solar, and wind sources of energy, Assistant Secretary General Ramdin said much of the hemisphere’s potential for renewable energy remains untapped. “Realizing the potential of renewable energy in the Caribbean region requires investment, commitment, partnerships and political will. It also means being prepared to make difficult choices; sometimes choosing between political expediency and the long-term good,” added Ramdin.

Assistant Secretary General Ramdin, who days earlier addressed the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum in Barbados, also believes that emphasis must be placed on education to facilitate the further development of renewable energy. “Our challenge has been facilitating a realistic transition to sustainable energy. We now have a critical responsibility to intensify our collective efforts, by improving education, expanding technology and raising awareness on this issue,” he said.