O.D. Brisbane offers Green Technology

Solar panel at O.D. Brisbane

Local company O.D. Brisbane and L.A. Dupigny have teamed up with Grensol in Grenada to offer Dominicans what they describe as “an alternate source of energy.”

According to Chairman of O. D. Brisbane, Jerry Brisbane, the company is expanding its business model in Dominica to include “Green Technology” and has begun operations of “Brisol.”

Brisbane told a press conference, that Brisol is a division that will supply consultations on “acquisition and installation of solar electric technology and alternative energy sources to the Dominican public from January 2012.”

“The advantage of a Brisol solution will be that O. D. Brisbane & Sons has already installed a large grid connected photovoltaic system at its premises in Canefield which will be available for viewing by potential clients making the solutions tangible to the general public,” Brisbane said.

He explained further, that as part of the company’s overall strategic planning they have been looking at ways to cut costs including energy cost.

Brisbane at press conference this morning

“With that in mind, the company consulted and chose a regional partner “Grensol” from Grenada to supply and install a solar electric system which will supply part of Brisbane’s electric needs,” Brisbane stated.

He said Grensol  has installed systems throughout the Caribbean and has just completed the Brisbane installation.

“We have had discussions with DOMLEC and IRC and they are all happy at what we are doing and offering, we are confident of the product and looking forward to doing business with the many business places and households in Dominica all aimed at them saving energy cost over the next few years,” he noted.