NIA Speaking To Potential Geothermal Developers

Nevis Energy Minister Alexis Jeffers

Nevis Energy Minister Alexis Jeffers


The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) says it is talking with several potential developers of geothermal energy on Nevis. That’s despite the fact that West Indies Power, the company that has purportedly invested millions in the project, is seeking redress from the NIA for seeking to end a contract signed by both parties to develop geothermal energy. “We want when we come to the general public, we are able to present them with a situation that is positive in terms of moving geothermal forward,” says Nevis Energy Minister Alexis Jeffers. He adds that the NIA hopes to have Nevis free of fossil fuel in the next couple of years without giving an exact date.  Jeffers wants to see current hurdles overcome to facilitate the project moving full speed ahead. Minister Jeffers says the plan is to develop a 40 megawatt plant and energy available to St. Kitts. 


He was hesitant to say if West Indies Power is among the developers that the government was speaking to. “There were persons who were shut out before apparently, but they were there waiting and West Indies Power was given this exclusive contract so to speak,” Jeffers says. “The bottom line is…there is a matter that is still existing in court regarding West Indies Power, there are persons who would have approached us and we entered somewhat of a due diligence phase and I am not at liberty to speak to any of those at this point in time,” the minister says. 


Progress on developing geothermal energy on Nevis has been stalled in recent years with the NIA entering into a contract with West Indies Power to pursue the project. The previous NIA alleged the company could not pay its bills, an allegation West Indies Power denies.  The matter is before arbitration.