Montserrat planning geothermal exploration

The government of Montserrat is looking to develop the island’s geothermal energy potential:

Montserrat is holding a public meeting Wednesday on the effects of the proposed geothermal project on the island.

The meeting, which is being held at the Lyme in Brades, will focus on the government’s plans to drill for geothermal energy.

Montserrat currently has opened a tender for site preparation works for the two wells which are proposed to be drilled in the Cork Hill area, which is part of the island’s Exclusion Zone imposed following the devastating volcanic eruption in 1995.

Montserrat is the latest Eastern Caribbean island to examine the possibility of harnessing geothermal power, with Nevis and Dominica on the lead on that front.

Barbados-based consultants Atom Solutions have been engaged to deliver the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the project.