Montessori School Celebrates Solar Power and Sustainability

The Virgin Islands Montessori School and International Academy has gone solar in a big way and wants to celebrate it in a big way.

On Jan. 26th from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. the school, located across from Secret Harbor on St. Thomas, will be the site of a huge Solar Splash Concert with a host of bands and also the site of an eco-fair.

The fair will be held under the latest addition to the school’s solar arrays — a new solar awning that covers the playground/sports court. It contains 85 kilowatts of solar panels which is expected to produce 13,000 kilowatt hours a month or a saving of over $6,500 on the school’s monthly Water and Power Authority bill.
Peggy Hunt, business director at the school, points out that the awning does more than provide solar power; that it is multifunctional. She says, “It collects rain water for irrigation, provides rain protection for students and shade. It is a free outdoor gymnasium.”

Energy Office Director Karl Knight, who will be participating in the event, says, “The Energy Office is pleased to support the private sector in its embrace of the new energy paradigm. We congratulate Montessori School on its innovativeness and aggressiveness in pursuing clean energy goals.”  The Energy Office helped the school with two earlier installations that totaled 22 kilowatts.
The concert will feature live bands—Sol Drivin Train, West Lindy Caribbean, The Sheffield Crew, and Full Circle playing under what the school is referring to as “our colossal solar airnasium.”
At the event there will be food, drinks, and residents will be able to get information from the solar experts on how they can start saving on their light bill as well as help the environment.
Montessori school tours will also be conducted at 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. that day.
Don Buchanan
Virgin Islands Energy Office