Ministry of Science Looks at Renewable Energy


With the world’s oil resources depleting day by day, the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities is preparing for the future and the way forwards is renewable energy. Today the Ministry held a final of three forums that were held across the county. The forums involve the private sector and plans pertaining to the development of the renewable energy industry in Belize. Public relations officer for the Ministry Frank Mena told us more.




“Today in Corozal we had the final of three private sector forums; the purpose of the private sector forum is to engage the private sector in the renewable energy initiative and as such we got in touch with people/enterprise/ businesses and institutions that have the renewable energy experience to share their experiences in terms of looking at the barrier. the challenges and recommendations to encourage or give a boost to their other business colleagues and counterparts in investing in renewable energy technologies.  We have discussed four types of renewable energy including solar, biomass, wind and hydro and so we will ask these enterprises /institutions to make their presentations, their experiences after which we break into some work group sessions with the participants and we discuss ways to encourage the private sector to invest in renewable energy technology.”


According to Mena, even though there is no telling when Belize will be semi-dependent on renewable energy, Belize is well on the way in successfully becoming energy efficient.




“There is a high level of interest from the private sector and great cooperation as well; as a nation if we don’t get involved in renewable energy then likely our future is one that we got to be really concerned about; the nonrenewable resources and the fossil fuel can only go up to so much.”




“How far along is Belize from breaking into the renewable energy history?”




“I am not sure if I have a measuring stick to do that but we are well on the way, this is a new ministry but prior to this ministry private sector has been making their step and taking initiative in participating in the renewable energy and energy efficiency because it is personal benefit to the institution and the organization.  Again, once we see personal benefit and we see alternative ways of preserving the environment and saving money then people, normally get involved and we are well on the way.  It will be amazing that currently, the ministry is working on establishing that data base to see the total amount of people using the renewable energy  and so at that time we will be able to give you a better number when that is completed.”


Mena says that the results of forum will be handed over to the Minister Joy Grant who will then present the findings to cabinet.