Local Firm Inks $20M Renewable Energy Deal with Antigua and Barbuda GOV’T

Local firm GreenTech Solar signs a contract with the government of Antigua and Barbuda to deliver a 10 MW solar, wind, and energy storage system.


GreenTech’s James Whittaker posed for photographs with Antigua and Barbuda’s Environment Minister Molwyn Joseph after a signing ceremony Tuesday.


Worth more than $20 million US, the deal is the largest renewable energy contract in that country’s history, and is roughly twice the scale as the Lake Destiny solar farm in Bodden Town.


“It’s definitely a different mix of the technologies as well, so in Cayman it’s just solar, but here in Antigua it’s going to be a combination of solar, wind, and battery systems, so it differs in that regard as far as the energy mix, and like I said it’s about twice the scale of what’s in Cayman right now,” said Mr. Whittaker, speaking from Antigua Wednesday (9 May.)


Mr. Whittaker told Cayman 27 the 10 MW deal shows that Cayman has the potential to develop a centre of excellence for renewable energy and green jobs in the region.