CEIS Focal Point Office

Mrs. Yvonne Barrett-Edwards
Kingston, Jamaica
Ministry: Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (MSTEM)
Work: (876) 929-8990-4
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News for Jamaica

SPARKS Plugs Gap In Caribbean Climate Research

On Nov. 30 last year, a new high-performance ‘Super Computer’ was installed at the University of the West Indies (UWI) during climate change week. Dubbed SPARKS – short for the Scientific Platform for Applied Research and Knowledge Sharing – the computer is already churning out the...

Wigton Engineer Urges Energy Efficiency

With an increase in oil prices an ever clear and present danger and climate change realities a threat to, in particular, small island states, such as Jamaica, improving energy efficiency is now more important than ever. This reminder has come from Sanja Simmonds, an engineer at...

Jamaicans Weigh In On New Forest Sector Plan

Jamaicans now have the opportunity to weigh in on the island’s new forest management and conservation plan, which, among other things, is to inform how the sector responds to the challenge of climate change. Over the last month, the Forestry Department has hosted a series of...