Jamaica flags up wind contenders


Jamaica is pressing for renewables development


An assessment by Wigton Windfarm Limited has identified four locations suitable for wind farm development in Jamaica.


The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica subsidiary said the four contenders are Winchester at the foot of the John Crow Mountains in St Thomas, Kemps Hill in Clarendon and Rose Hill and Top Lincoln in Manchester, both of which are close to Wigton’s existing facilities.


The company, which weighed up 24 potential sites, added that they had “excellent energy yield (each) featuring more than 5,300 MWh/a” and could reduce national oil consumption by at least 124,706 barrels per year – trimming close to J$1.27bn from the annual energy bill.


Rose Hill was targeted by Wigton as early as 2006 and a 24MW wind farm is being proposed for the site. The study also gives strong endorsement to Winchester, describing it as “by far the best wind site surveyed so far”.


The wind resource assessment was carried out as part of a development scheme implemented by Wigton under a funding agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank and the PCJ.


Wigton Windfarm general manager Earl Barrett said: “With our current focus on utilising our natural resources to address our energy challenges both the government and the private sector need credible information to make development and investment decisions about viable energy solutions.”