I.D.B. supports Guyana’s energy project that promotes RE

The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $5 million loan that aims to boost Guyana’s energy efficiency by improving its power sector’s operation and maintenance.

The operation will help to improve the quality of service provided by the country’s main utility, the Guyana Power and Light Ltd., and strengthen its technical capabilities. It will also promote the efficient use of energy and the use of various renewable energy resources.

The project aims to rehabilitate an aspect of the electricity distribution network and continue a series of commercial loss reduction actions while funding capacity building and energy conservation activities.

At the end of a four-year implementation period, the number and duration of power cuts in the country are expected to decline by 40 percent, while the ratio between electricity supplied and electricity paid for by customers is expected to rise from the current 67 percent to 73 percent.

Guyana Power and Light Ltd. has estimated that more than half of its technical losses are due to the deficiencies on the distribution network. It is estimated that 75 percent of the network needs upgrading.