High hopes for region’s renewable energy future

Theoretically, Latin America and the Caribbean have the capacity to produce a whole lot of energy from renewable sources. How much? The region’s wind and water currents, exposure to the sun, and geothermal resources are sufficient to meet 2050’s projected energy needs more than 22 times over, according to a recent paper published by the Inter-American Development Bank.


“Though Latin America uses more renewable energy than any other region in the world, it faces difficult choices as it seeks to generate the electricity it needs to grow without harming the environment,” Luis Alberto Moreno, the IDB’s president, said, according to a press release. “Renewables are becoming a viable and attractive option that needs to be explored.”


The paper “Rethinking Our Energy Future” was unveiled to the public at the Global Green Growth Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean held June 18 in Bogota, Colombia.


Source: BVI Beacon