Guyana Turns to Renewable Fuels with Partnership

UK & GUYANA – UK-based Whitefox Technologies has secured a bioethanol contract with the government of Guyana as it aims to move itself away from imported oil dependence.

Together with Brazilian business Green, Whitefox will install the units for a bioethanol demonstration plant at the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Albion sugar factory, with a turnkey unit set for delivery in early 2013.

Guyana’s turn towards renewable fuel, through its government’s Agriculture Sector Development Unit, comes after being totally reliant on imported oil.

“We are proud to be playing a role in the development of the ethanol industry in Guyana,” says Whitefox CEO Gillian Harrison.

“We see the potential for countries like Guyana to use locally-produced resources to produce ethanol and electricity, which we expect to have a positive impact on in the local economy.”

Locally-sourced molasses will provide the base feedstock for ethanol production, but it is understood other feedstocks will be considered once the facility is up and running.

Sugarcane is one of Guyana’s main commodities, responsible for approximately 20 per cent of their annual revenue and 40 per cent of all agricultural production.