Geothermal energy exploration progressing

Energy Minister Charles Savarin says the exploration of geothermal energy resources are progressing steadily and has advised that a key component of the project could begin soon.

Savarin told a town hall meeting in Soufriere earlier this week that there are two major sources of geothermal energy in the south of the island, “one of them is in Wotten Waven, and the other is in Soufriere.”

He said the company doing the exploration works, St. Kitts-based West Indies Power, has been given the right to explore in Soufriere, “and we are in consultation with the French government in respect to the Wotten Waven geothermal resource area.”

Savarin said the St. Kitts-based company has been carrying out examinations on the ground even as the government seeks to resolve some land issue with land owners in the area.

He said a key component of the geothermal project, test drilling, could commence very soon.

“That is the final investigative work to establish without any contradiction, not only the fact that you have the resource but the chemical, the temperature, the pressure, the chemical composition of the fluid and how much electricity can be generated.

“We are expecting that the electricity that is generated there will enable us to reduce the costs of electricity to our consumers all over Dominica,” the energy minister said.

He said Dominica wants to export energy to the neighboring French islands and has said that local electricity bills could be reduced by half.

“The full development could see a reduction in the cost of electricity to us by over 50 percent, so that your light bill could drop by half when the full geothermal resources are developed.”