GEA exploring ways to develop renewable energy – launches new e-book

THE Amaila Falls Hydro Power Project will help in the creation of more energy resources as output of the project would be more than what is currently needed, whilst at the same time may not be sufficient enough for the continuous demand and growing population to come.

This was the view expressed by head of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), Dr. Mahender Sharma when he addressed Guyana’s first Energy Forum on Friday.
He said as a result, discussions with stakeholders have already begun to look at new ways to develop renewable energy for Guyana. He noted that plans are being formulated regarding wind and solar energy.
Sharma also noted that the significant cost of the fuel import bill continues to be the issue with the high dependency on fossil fuels, and with the advent of the Amaila project, 95% of this dependency will be removed.
In order for stakeholders and Guyanese on the whole to be sensitised on the drive towards renewable energy, the GEA launched an e-book to promote energy conservation. The book also includes sections dedicated to the use of renewable energy and how it could cut costs in the long term.
The pointers included in the book are from projects carried out by the GEA and assessments conducted in other areas.
The book “Guidelines for an Energy Efficient Home” was launched by GEA Legal Officer, Kiran Mattai and is also aimed at sensitising Guyanese on how homes can be built or modified to become more energy efficient.
The book can be downloaded from the GEA website currently and will soon be made available in hard copies to banks and other housing agencies early next year.