Garvey hits back at what he terms ‘untruths and lies’


Activist Troy Garvey is championing the cause for alternative/renewable energy initiatives after taking on the Grand Bahama Power Company for some time.


In a release he hit back at “untruths and lies” about why he has been quiet in Grand Bahama lately.


Garvey said, he does not answer these malicious questions most of the time, but he added, as he talks with persons they realize that what they are saying is far from the truth which is why he wanted to go to the media.


“You see, those who have supported in anyway that they have, I am grateful and I say thank you so much but to speak frankly, it’s costly when doing this and the financial support is not there.


“In lieu of this, I have been working closely with a few teams to find the solutions in reducing the energy cost for businesses and residents as well.”


He stated that the team that he is a part of made a presentation in June 2012 to bring some viable and sustainable solutions to The Bahamas.


The team, he noted, consists of Jeremy Anderson, President Powerplus electronic; Dwight Patterson, CEO, Genpro Energy Solutions; Kevin Doyle, President, Trinity Capital Advisors; Greg Uptagrafft, Powerplus Bahamas; with himself as managing consultant, Powerplus Bahamas; Robert Carullo, Executive Director, Smart States (Congressional Representative) and Etienne Farquharson, Powerplus, Bahamas.


“This team has already been contracted in The Bahamas by numerous private and Government entities and has held town meetings led by Powerplus Bahamas. Powerplus Bahamas, has a way to bring immediate financial relief to your home and businesses.


“My other involvement in pursuing to make things better and easier in the energy field in the Bahamas has led us to a presentation to the Deputy Prime Minister and his team in November of 2012.”


This team, he noted, includes Mario Moreno, CEO, Deco Jones, Group. He stated that in this presentation they invited a formal presentation to the Alternative Renewable Energy Committee in the Office of the Prime Minister in March 2013.


He said the meeting was very productive, adding that the team is being led by a Bahamian company in the name of Montreal Manor, and is responsible for our LNG Power Plant, that has definitely and successfully reduced the kw/h rates to 0.21 ? cents to compare with the existing $0.44 in Grand Bahama and $0.52 in New Providence.


“We have also proposed to retrofit the existing B.E.C. Power Plant to LNG. This is being looked at by the committee very favorably hopefully in my view because we have the best proposal in the Bahamas at this time. We also have the best offer in my view, to bring a solution to the very high energy cost in the Bahamas.


“So, I am hoping that the Government in their due diligence, and from prior experience coming out of Grand Bahama, will find that, Emera has no durable plans for renewable energy here in the Bahamas. Their CNG needs to be studied carefully because from my initial studies and investigations, CNG (Compress Natural Gas) wil not suffice the alternative route, just my thoughts’.”


Garvey said they have extended the best of the best to the Government of The Bahamas and they have also made a proposal to the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, where that meeting was also very fruitful.


He stated that this Government is doing their best to see to it that the best is delivered to the people of The Bahamas, which he added is why he is happy to be a part of the teams to make it happen for all an sundry.


“My Bahamian people, I have been fighting the problems of the Grand Bahama Power Company and now I am seeking the solutions for all of the people of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas” he concluded.


Source: Nassau Gaurdian