First Geothermal Well Completed…Resource To Be Tested

Nerissa Golden, Government Information Unit

BRADES (GIU) — The Public Works Department recently announced that they have reached the desired depth on the first geothermal well and moving to drill the second one.

In four weeks, after temperatures have stabilized they will test to estimate the capacity of the well to generate geothermal energy.

According to PWD Director Ron Beardsley, drilling of the geothermal well references as Mon-01 has reached a depth of 2,298 meters. “On Saturday/Sunday temperature and pressure surveys were undertaken in the well by a geophysicist Thorstein Egilson using specialist measuring tools. His report was studied by GoM Geothermal Adviser Mike Allen, Senior Geologist Paul Brophy, Senior Geophysicist Graham Ryan and Geothermal Drilling Project Manager George Scheid.

“The results were very encouraging and it was unanimously agreed to stop drilling and to line the production area of the well. A 7″ steel, perforated, liner pipe was installed from 1,111M down to the bottom of the well (2,298m),” explained the director. “The well is now fully secured. All the time that drilling was taking place we have been pumping cold water down the well to keep things cool and stable.

“Everything at this stage is encouraging however, we need to wait around four weeks to allow the well to stabilize and come up to full temperature after which time we will undertake flow tests. It will be on completion of these flow tests when we can estimate the capacity of the well to generate geothermal energy.”

The drilling contractor started to dismantle the rig on Sunday evening and is moving everything across to the second well referenced “Mon-02″ in preparation for drilling. It normally takes around one week to move the rig.

The Iceland Drilling Company (IDC) has been executing the drilling work since February 2013.