Exhibitors For Arbor Day Expo Urged To Register Early

BGIS Media


BRIDGETOWN (BGIS) — Businesses, Government departments, community councils, non-governmental organisations and entrepreneurs are being encouraged to capitalise on opportunities to showcase their green products and services at this year’s National Arbor Day Expo.

Under the theme: Trees: The Circle of Life, this year’s event will be held at the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC), Codrington, St. Michael headquarters on Saturday, September 28 from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

All interested exhibitors are urged to register early by visiting the NCC to collect and fill out forms on site, on or before Friday, June 28, as space is limited. No fees will be charged to exhibitors who will be allowed to sell their products at the event.

In addition, service clubs, community groups, including church and school groups, corporate Barbados and individuals are also being encouraged to contact the NCC’s Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall at 425-1200 or 425-1202 to indicate their interest in participating in the Arbor Day activities.

Mr. Marshall described the expo, now in its seventh year, as an excellent opportunity to introduce the public to businesses, non-profit organisations, community groups, or agencies that acted as “custodians of Barbados”, and which were dedicated to preserving the country’s natural environment.

“It will provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase the best in green products and services, [such as eco-friendly products, services and technologies], to consumers and to showcase projects and initiatives that have already been executed, or are currently engaged in contributing to a more sustainable standard of living,” he said.

He explained the expo’s objective was to promote the importance of trees and their impact on the environment, through a practical and interactive demonstration. In addition, he noted that the expo will also showcase various products and services consumed and utilised on a daily basis which were derived from trees.

“This year, special emphasis will be placed on increasing awareness about environmental issues and highlight environmentally-friendly products, services and ideas,” he said.

The Special Projects Officer further pointed out that the expo would provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about energy-saving techniques, and garner information that will assist them in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Meanwhile, members of the public will be encouraged to assist with the cultivation of a more environmentally friendly and conscious Barbados.

This year’s expo will feature a number of workshops and demonstrations which are focused on areas relating to greening, including plant care, plant propagation, recycling, composting, and alternative energy solutions.