Energy Efficiency Public Education and Awareness Programme – In-Country Visit

The OECS Secretariat has awarded a contract to ICF Marbek of Canada for the implementation of a Consultancy to develop a Public Education and Awareness Programme on Energy-Efficiency as part of the on-going work being undertaken by the CDB-funded Sustainable Energy Technical Assistance (SETA) for a Competitive OECS project. The Canadian based Econoler Consultants visited Anguilla in October 2012 on a consultation and data gathering mission. Their final draft report is on the Government’s website at

This consultancy, among other things, is expected to compliment the on-going work being undertaken by the Econoler consultancy to develop Sub-Regional and National Energy-Efficiency Strategies and Actions Plans for the OECS.

In order to develop the most effective Action Plan for our island, a representative of ICF Marbeck will be visiting Anguilla on June 6th and 7th to meet, and hold consultations with, a number of key stakeholders.

Stakeholders in attendance at the various meetings are encouraged to bring their professional experience and opinions in their respective sectors of activity to enrich the discussions and other interactions with the consultant.

To this end, we are requesting your cooperation to assist in making Anguilla more energy efficient.