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News for Dominica

Dominica calls for support of alternative energy at UN

Dominica has called upon the world to support its bold initiative to explore geothermal energy as well as similar initiatives in other Small Island States and has given notice of its intent to “not only be carbon-neutral” but to be carbon-negative by the year 2020. Dominica’s United Nation (UN) Ambassador Vince...

Drilling component of geothermal energy project to commence soon

  Geothermal Exploration site in Roseau Valley. Three test wells will be constructed in the Roseau valley area as Dominica moves forward towards the development of geothermal energy. Energy Minister Rayburn Blackmore told a media site visit in Laudat yesterday that the commencement of the actual drilling component could take place soon. “We expect...

West Indies Power receives EIA approval for exploratory geothermal drilling in Dominica

The  West Indies Power (WIP) Environmental Impact Statement (EIA), which enables the company  to begin exploratory  “slim hole” drilling in the Soufriere Valley, Dominica, in order to determine conditions of the geothermal reservoir in that area, has been approved by the Government of Dominica. West Indies Power Exploratory Drilling Rig The drilling...