Dominica Turns To Clinton Foundation For Geothermal Support

Dominica says it is hoping to sign an agreement with the Clinton Climate Initiative this year to further the development of a geothermal energy sector.

Dominica’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vince Henderson, speaking on the state-owned DBS radio last Thursday, said the Clinton Foundation has indicated support for the multimillion-dollar programme.

“We were able to get the interest and support of the Clinton Climate Initiative as part of the Clinton Foundation to provide assistance to Dominica … in the development of its geothermal resources.”

Hender said the discussions have been ongoing for six months.

“We are looking forward to 2013 to really finalising some agreement that will see the exploration of our geothermal resources that will result definitely in a reduction in the cost of energy to consumers that by 2015 that we could get the plant on line,” he said.

“Furner down the road we have to look forward to the exportation of electric energy to Martinique and Guadeloupe via sea cables.”

Dominica has spent more than EC$33 million on the geothermal project, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said in December.

He said investment in the geothermal programme will help the island address a number of issues in the future including a reduction in the energy costs.

“Equally and importantly we will be in a position to export energy to (French islands) Martinique and Guadeloupe with the consequent result being to having an increase in our foreign exchange earnings.”

Skerrit said that this would allow for greater economic activity on the island “and we will see a growth in our economy and we will also see the creation of thousands of jobs within the Dominican economy”.