Cuba”s Wind Energy Atlas Highlighted at World Conference


Cuba”s wind energy atlas stands out among the island”s achievements shown at the 12th World Wind Energy Conference, which meets today in Havana.


“One of the reasons Cuba was selected to host this event is because it had this map of wind potential,” Cuban expert Alfredo Roque told Prensa Latina, in an exclusive interview.


The Caribbean island is in the vanguard in Latin America in use of this technology, which is normally only available to developed countries.


This is the result of an international project between the Center for Atmospheric Physics of the Cuban Meteorology Institute and Environment Canada’s weather division, said Roque, responsible for the work on the Cuban side.


“Now we are expanding the possibilities in the use of that map, not only for large wind power generators, but also for small and medium generators and windmills for pumping water in agriculture,” he said.


One of the advantages is that it is interactive, and anyone with internet access can get the results of this atlas, which reveals the wind speed at any point of the Cuban geography at four different levels, namely at heights of 10, 30, 50 and 100 meters.


The project also provides measurements of humidity, temperature, pressure, and wind direction.


Roque said that the final results of this important scientific tool will be displayed later this year at the Cuban Congress of Meteorology.