Cuban Sugar Mills Make Significant Energy Contributions to National Grid

A significant contribution to the National Electric Power System (SEN for its Spanish acronym) was made by sugar workers of Ciego de Avila in the recent sugarcane harvest by delivering more than 5000 megawatts-hour over the 6000 expected.


The stability in milling, less time lost during this process and the quality of the sugar mills repairs were decisive in the results, engineer Cosme Santiesteban Morell, specialist of Sugar Enterprise in the territory told.


The operational effectiveness of technological equipment and its generators, which was achieved mainly due to the enlistment of personnel responsible for this task in the four sugar mills that operated in the province also made a great contribution.


Santiesteban recognized that such efforts favorably influenced on the energy balance both in generation and relationship between consumption and supply to SEN, with indicators exceeding the previous sugar harvest.


According to the engineer Miguel Lima Villar, institutional communication specialist, the most outstanding entities were the power plants of Ciro Redondo and Ecuador sugar mills, which allowed exceeding the delivery plan to the electrical industry in 21 percent and blackouts were also minimized.


The generating plantsĀ“ effectiveness also resulted in the over fulfillment of the sugar production plan, amounting to 167 000 tonnes.


The greatest electricity generation in Ciego de Avila sugar industry was achieved at the beginning of the previous decade, when the province totaled 13 000 megawatt-hour with eight mills in operation, while now, with only four, they managed 11 257.8 MW/h, Santiesteban said.


Source: Cuba News Agency