CEIS Focal Point Office

Ms. Anaely Saunders
Centro de Gestion de la Infromacion y Desarrolio de la Energia
Calle 20, No 4111 e/ 18-A y 47,
Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de la Habana,
Telefonos: 537-206-2069, 202-7527
Fax: 537-204-1188

News for Cuba

US Vote Could Impact Caribbean’s Climate Future

editorsforuma20161025jbJamaica and the Caribbean’s bid for a secure climate future is likely to be impacted by the outcome of the November 8 United States (US) presidential election. However, whether the impact will be negative or positive remains to be seen, though the sentiments of representatives of...

Sustaining T&T Through Renewable Energy

Mounting atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is the cause of global warming trends, resulting in sea level rise and climatic changes. It is evident that such geographical changes are detrimental especially to small islands like Trinidad and Tobago. We were not blessed with a large continental land mass, where we can...