CEIS Focal Point Office

Ms. Anaely Saunders
Centro de Gestion de la Infromacion y Desarrolio de la Energia
Calle 20, No 4111 e/ 18-A y 47,
Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de la Habana,
Telefonos: 537-206-2069, 202-7527
Fax: 537-204-1188

News for Cuba

After offshore oil failure, Cuba shifts energy focus

    Cuba has shifted its focus away from offshore oil, concentrating on renewable energy and improving output from onshore wells due to a lack of interest by foreign companies for further deepwater exploration, sources close to the industry say.   With so much oil readily available around the world, oil companies including those...

New Solar Panel Station in Western Cuba

New Solar Panel Station in Western Cuba The setting up of a solar farm in the outskirts of the western city of Pinar del Rio confirms the will of the Cuban government to develop renewable energy sources.   Project specialist Efren Marcos told reporters that the construction of the solar panel facility has...

Photovoltaic Farm in Guáimaro Contributes to Fuel Saving

  The Guáimaro-based Photovoltaic Farm, some 80 km east of the city of Camagüey, has saved nearly 500 metric ton of fuel in generating electricity since its synchronization to Cuba’s national power grid (SEN) in December, 2013.   According to Adolys Núñez Braza, director of the Unidad Empresarial de Base Hidroenergía based in...