Courtesy calls to Olade Sub-regional Office of the Caribbean


The OLADE Sub-Regional Office of the Caribbean continues to make its presence felt across the region. Since its inception in August 2012, several courtesy calls have been made by energy stakeholders and members of the diplomatic community.


The Director General of Electricite d’Haiti (EDH), Mrs. Andress Appolon, and the Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Yuri Gala Lopez, are among the most recent visitors to OLADE’s Caribbean Office.


Electricite d’Haiti

Mrs. Appolon paid a courtesy call to OLADE on May 28, 2013.


Conroy Watson, Head of OLADE Sub-Regional Office of the Caribbean, welcomes Director General of Electricite d’Haiti (EDH), Mrs. Andress Appolon, during her courtesy call to OLADE’s Caribbean

 OLADE’s Strategic Objectives, which guide the implementation of projects and programmes are: She was treated to a short tour and presentation of several videos, showcasing OLADE’s Strategic Objectives, Energy Planning Tools, Training Opportunities, Projects and Programmes.


  1. To support institutional strengthening of the energy authorities of the Member Countries
  2. To consolidate a regional platform for knowledge management in the energy sector
  3. To spread good practices in the administration of the hydrocarbon and electricity sectors
  4. To contribute to sustainable energy development and social inclusion
  5. To promote the integration and regional energy security


Energy Planning Tools made available to OLADE Member Countries include the Simulation and Analysis Model of the Energy Mix, (SAME). Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits of sustainable energy policies, towards the improvement of energy, economic, and environmental indicators of a country/region. OLADE Member Countries also benefit from the use of several energy databases for legal, economic, regional and national energy information. Information from these databases may be used in the SAME to provide medium to long term projections and forecasts.


Training opportunities in the fields of energy management are facilitated via the Virtual Energy Training Centre (CAPEV). Courses for the second half of 2013 range from topics such as renewable energy (solar and wind), to energy efficiency and electrical project management.


OLADE Projects and Programmes in the Caribbean region include the Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Efficiency Programme (PALCEE), a joint initiative between OLADE Member Countries of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Grenada. The project’s objective is to strengthen each country’s institutional framework to facilitate greater energy efficiency management.


This visit was an excellent opportunity for a key executive in Haiti’s energy sector to gain further insight into the projects and programmes of OLADE.


Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica


His Excellency Yuri Gala Lopez visited OLADE on June 24, 2013. He was accompanied by Minister Counselor in the Cuban Embassy, Mr. Ricardo Tur Novo.

Mutually Beneficial Dialogue: OLADE’s Conroy Watson explains OLADE’s vision, products and projects to Ambassador Gala Lopez and Mr. Ricardo Tur Novo


The Cuban delegation was treated to a short presentation showcasing OLADE’s products and programmes available for the benefit of Member Countries.


The Ambassador’s main area of interest includes maintaining good relations between Cuba and OLADE, especially in the area of logistics support for regional meetings/training programmes. He displayed a high level of enthusiasm about future collaboration between OLADE and Cuba.


The Republic of Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest island with a population of over 11 million people, is a long standing member of OLADE.