China donates energy conservation products to Grenada to mitigate climate change

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — This week, Xu Jianguo, China’s ambassador to Grenada, represented the People’s Republic of China at a handover ceremony of energy conservation goods donated to Grenada to assist in combating the negative effects of climate change.

Xu expressed his congratulations of the successful handover ceremony, and he expressed his appreciation of the efforts made by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the excellent response and coordination through Grenada Embassy to China to make this joint project a big success. He pointed out that China Potevio, a recognized leader of Chinese enterprises through its LED lights products provided to Grenada, would enhance energy conservation and emission reduction contribution in Grenada, and further contribute to strengthening the bilateral relationship between China and Grenada.

Grenada has been seriously affected by climate change as a small island country, making the timely support from China through this project very much welcomed and deeply appreciated. It is hoped that both sides can further strengthen communication and deepen the cooperation in the field of climate change and renewable energy.

Nazim Burke, Grenada’s minister responsible for energy under the Ministry of Finance, made remarks on behalf of the people and government of Grenada, expressing his appreciation to the Chinese government for having chosen Grenada as one of the first batch of partner countries to join in this south-south cooperation project for addressing climate change.

He mentioned that, in regard to the cooperation in the climate change and renewable energy field, this project, which is the first one ever successfully implemented under this programme, has set a new milestone for bilateral cooperation between China and Grenada in all domains.

He said that the Grenada government will make careful planning and monitoring for implementing this project and ensure that tangible outcomes will be achieved. That will lead to the contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction so as to combat climate change in Grenada.

Grenada is willing to continue working together with China for addressing climate change in its domestic and global stages.

Initiated by Premier Wen Jiabao at the Rio +20 Summit, the Chinese government will arrange 200 million CNY to help least developed countries, small island developing states and African countries to combat climate change. Since 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China has settled special funding for south-south climate change cooperation with support from China’s Ministry of Finance.

The main components of the activities include provide energy conservation goods, as well as organizing a series of low carbon and green development seminars on climate change policies and actions for the other developing countries. Grenada is the first small island developing state to participate in this cooperation project under the framework of south-south cooperation.

The handover products this week were LED lights.