Biogas produces energy and also prevents pollution in Eastern Cuba


Biogas is an energy option helping the economy and environmental conservation, which should be paid more attention than that provided to it so far, a scientists from this city said today.


During the 4th Biogas Provincial Workshop, PhD Angel Almarales Arceo highlighted the benefits of the fuel obtained by through decomposition of organic matter in absence of atmospheric oxygen, and used in the production of electricity and cooking.

It is counterproductive the porcine industry producers to spend money on buying firewood, obtained at the price of cutting trees, in spite of building a digester to generate electricity and eliminate highly polluting waste produced by their animals, he noted.

Arceo Almarales also told the Lino de las Mercedes Alvarez Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS by its Spanish acronym) through the creation of a small biogas plant over fulfilled its pork meat delivery to the State in almost 300 tons and reached notable profits despite what invested in the purchase of wood for cooking .

Rafael Parúas Cuza, president of the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy and Environmental Respect’s (CUBASOLAR by its Spanish acronym) subsidiary in Guantanamo, said their purposes are in accordance with the policy of the country and specifically the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, adopted at the 6th Congress.