Belize Natural Energy Captures International Award


Over the weekend Love News told you that the Belize Natural Energy Limited, BNE, had been shortlisted for the Get Energy Global Education Training in Exploration Awards specifically in the “Learning at the Core” category for their Adult Education program. Tonight there is good news as BNE won the category which Manager of marketing, logistics and corporate communications at Belize Natural Energy, Daniel Gutierrez, spoke to Love News via phone about the win.



“We are extremely proud that a small oil and gas company from small Belize was able to compete in this prestigious award and perform as well as we did.  We believe that when you put as much into training and when you put as much into the transforming of your people, then all it needs is someone to document that and that is what we submitted and I guess enough people voted for that in Belize and around the world and after being short listed, we were recognized as the winner.  We are very proud to say that Belize oil and gas industry, a native oil and gas industry has an international award.”


The award recognizes BNE as an oil company that has made the most significant contribution to their staff’s learning and development in the past 12 months. Gutierrez says that BNE’s Training and Development Program is one such manifestation of its commitment to the country and its people. Training and Development at BNE Employee training and development atBNE focuses on equipping personnel with technical knowledge and workplace skills for productivity, efficacy, and self-empowerment.



“It’s about training at Belize Natural Energy and it includes a number of different things.  BNE went from being a company from mostly expatriate managed at the time of discovery in 2005 to where 96% of our employees are Belizean and that includes senior management and the CEO are Belizean and that is something that can only happen when you put as much into training as we do and this award is a recognition of the amount of training and the quality of training that we do.  We train people all the way from tertiary level education to primary level education and this specific award was one that we won and the submission was about the primary education program that we have at BNE whereby Ms. Judy Diego educate some of our team members and the idea is to have them take the PSE examinations at the end of that training program; that was what we competed on and that was what was recognized as learning at the core which was what the competition was about this year and we were recognized as the winner at learning at the core at a global level and we are very proud of that.  We would like to thank all those people, we had Belizeans from all walks of life sending us comments about the video, we had Belizean Americans, we had suppliers and people from all over the world were very impressed with what was documented and today I want to emphatically thank all those people who voted for us.”


Over the past 12 months, BNE has invested over half a million US Dollars in training and development courses for its team of 200 workers.