Barbados, Brazil Eye Cooperation on Renewable Energy

Barbados and Brazil are exploring increased cooperation on green energy, according to Environment Minister Dr Denis Lowe.

The Minister, who recently held talks with Brazil’s Ambassador to Barbados, Appio Claudio Acquarone, said Barbados was pursuing a number of environmental projects, including green energy projects.

“We have a number of environmental sites which we are trying to convert to renewable [energy] sites using solar,” Lowe said. “There is a menu of areas that we can work with.”

Lowe said the use of renewable energy was becoming crucial given the “tremendous amount of expenditure” used for the importation of fossil fuels, something that has a negative effect on Barbados’ economy.

Acquaron said Brazil could offer Barbados help on a number of environmental issues, including protecting the country’s coastline against rising sea levels.

Source: Caribbean Journal