ATL expands into alternative energy

APPLIANCE Traders Limited (ATL) has expanded into the alternative energy business.

ATL Energy Solutions will add solar water heaters, photovoltaic panels and other devices for revewable power to the appliance retailers energy-efficient product line.

The division will also provide technical consultancy on assessing, designing and implementing scalable energy-saving solutions for businesses and homes.

“We want to demystify the alternative energy space for our customers making it easier for them to determine the best path to reducing their energy consumption,” said Paul Grey, ATL’s energy and engineering manager.

The introduction of the industrial giant’s new division comes after months of extensive research and analysis of global alternative energy providers to identify the best solutions for the Jamaican market according to the division head.

“Record energy prices in Jamaica as well as in the international marketplace have heightened the need for sustainable alternatives. Expanding into the energy business is a natural progression for ATL given our history of providing advanced engineering and industrial solutions for major projects in Jamaica and the Caribbean,” said Grey. “Our mandate with ATL Energy Solutions is to provide our customers with a comprehensive resource centre to assess, design, implement, and service energy-saving technology and equipment that will reduce consumption patterns and ultimately energy receipts.”

ATL already has solid footing in the alternative energy space executing a joint $8.6-million initiative with eco-innovation leaders Panasonic.

The project saw the construction of a prototype eco-villa at Sandals Montego Bay, the first of its kind in Jamaica.

The luxury suites are fully powered by Panasonic’s photovoltaic systems as well utilise all inverter appliances and electronics. Additionally, the company inked an exclusive arrangement with leading Israeli solar technology company Nimrod Industries Limited to distribute its solar water heaters as well as implemented its own Eco-Smart seal to earmark ‘green’ electronics in its product line-up.

“We are at a transformational period in the Jamaican energy sector that requires us to either heavily curb our existing consumption patterns or look to alternative sources of power,” said Grey. “Our strategic partnerships enable us to offer a gamut of solutions across a range of applications for both our commercial and residential customers. From LED light bulbs which can last over 50,000 hours to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels which can last up to 25 years or even inverter appliances which save up to 60 per cent on power bills, we have solutions for the energy-mindful consumer.”

ATL also provides detailed energy audits from which customers can readily evaluate their savings.

— BO