Antigua & Barbuda


CEIS Focal Point Office

Mr. Girvan Pivot
Energy Desk
Office of the Prime Minister
Queen Elizabeth Highway, St. John’s
Antigua and Barbuda
Tel: 268-462-0773;
Fax: 268-562-0351

News for Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua Organises ICO to Fund Local Development Initiatives

According to yesterday’s press release, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda have given permission to Antigua-based CNET to run its Ethereum-platformed ICO to raise funds for energy development, community enhancements and local charitable causes. Because of the intent and structure of the fundraiser, it will be officially known as an Initial Coin Offering...

Montserrat’s Geothermal Energy “Gold Mine”?

Thermal Energy Partners of Texas suggests that Montserrat’s accessible geothermal energy resource is potentially 100 million watts.   Geothermal energy for Montserrat is not just for the sake of renewable energy, (going green) unless it is the ‘game changer’ it has been touted to be. Hence the question, of significance now.       BRADES – As...