Agencies Partner to Install Airport Solar Lighting

Airport Solar Lighting


A joint effort by a number of government agencies has led to the installation of solar lights along the entrance to the VC Bird International Airport.


The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA), the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), and the Public Works Department (PWD) have worked together to install 14 solar powered lights along the driveway into the airport entrance.


The new lights are intended to serve as a practical demonstration of the use of the nation’s renewable energy resources, and are a part of the government’s efforts to promote development of the nation’s renewable energy resources.


A release said the solar-powered lights will provide much-needed lighting along the driveway which had been negatively impacted after the closure of the Stanford Group’s properties in the area.


Director of Operations at the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority Edward Gilkes thanked the various departments and noted that “the lights have brought much relief to the many persons that utilize the airport at evenings and early mornings”.


Other government agencies involved were the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Legal Affairs.


Source: CaribArena