Yallahs pond: source of odour in the Corporate Area

Yallahs Pond in St Thomas has been identified as the source of an odour that has been affecting sections of the corporate area.

In a release, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) said it had received several reports of a strong stench permeating the air in sections of Kingston, St Andrew and St Thomas.

NEPA said it worked with the Ministry of Health to conduct investigations and discovered that the pond was the source of the odour.

This isn’t the first time the pond has been the source of a foul odour. Last September, the Agency received similar reports of a foul odour, and investigations then revealed that the Yallahs Pond was the source of the stench.

To eliminate the odour, NEPA released the natural berm on the Yallahs Pond, allowing sea currents to circulate and mix with the pond’s water, ultimately eliminating the smell.


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