T&T Company Charges Ahead With Renewable Solutions

With utility rates set to increase in Trinidad and Tobago, one company is providing a viable option for homeowners through the use of renewable energy.


Local company Davis Ecolife Limited put their Eco Pod on display at Grand Bazaar to show the viability of solar-powered energy for the home.


The Eco Pod, which features energy-efficient solar powered and LED lighting systems, is the first product of its kind on sale in Trinidad and Tobago.


The Eco Pod features a 10-kilowatt all-in-one solar system which the company says provides more than enough energy to power the modern home or small business, including air conditioning units and entertainment systems.


The more efficient gel type battery recharges in the daytime for use at night time, the company said.   The Eco Pod also has a fairly short construction time and can be up and running from as quickly as two to three months, based on the model specifications, which are also customisable. 



The company says a unit can start from 900 square feet to 1200 square feet of liveable space. For commercial buildings other options are available.


“Whether you’re launching a portable display unit, opening a private medical office, over the counter restaurant or an eco-tourism hotel project – all it takes is a discussion on your specific needs, the possibilities are endless,” the company said.


Eco Pods are also structurally sound as the pods are designed using high-grade industrial materials which adhere to Town and Country building standards and are capable of withstanding local weather conditions.  


The company said that the cost of owning an Eco Pod is in line with current home construction pricing and also comes with a two-year warranty on solar systems and lighting.


The company added that financing is also easy as the Eco Pod is recognised by local banks and other financing institutions.


Renewable solutions for energy-efficient homes

For existing homeowners and businesses looking to switch over to renewable energy, Davis Ecolife also provides a range of other renewable energy solutions.


The company also provides energy-saving products such as LED lighting, along with solar panel solutions, wind turbine solutions and, hybrid systems (wind and solar) street lighting, solar garden lamps and solar park lighting.



Although other Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Dominica and Jamaica have begun using renewable energy, Trinidad and Tobago has been slow to convert to renewable energy sources.


As such, the company said it is looking to branch out into other Caribbean countries.   Government is currently developing a renewable energy policy and allows for tax breaks for citizens who purchase solar panels and related equipment, including:

– Zero-rated VAT on the purchase of complete Solar Water Heaters, solar PV systems and wind turbines

– Tax breaks of up to 25 percent (TT$2,500) on solar water heaters (up to a maximum of TT$10,000).

– 150 percent wear and tear allowance on solar panels and/or solar water heaters.



The company is also inviting the public to view its fully solar powered Eco Pod model, currently on display at Grand Bazaar Plaza.

For more information on Davis Ecolife and their products visit the company online at or for a quote email, or call 325-6424/284-0310


Davis Ecolife is also on Facebook at