Solar Energy Used by Radio Jaruco Station

radio-jaruco-paneles-solaresThe renewable energy is part of the broadcasting of the local municipal Radio Jaruco station, which is located to the north east part of Mayabeque municipality as an the current only related experience of the Cuban radio broadcasting.

“There are many benefits given it guarantees the data broadcasting and the related production of that station as the main objective which is something that happens through the use of photovoltaic cells.” Local journalist Odalis Romero, who is the chief of the News Department of that radio station from Mayabeque, stated.

Odalis Romerot talks about the benefits of that system for obtaining solar energy:

“There is any harm for the environment given it is a clean energy that comes from the sun. We are also capable of having news autonomy in relation to the data broadcasting as well as generating a signal by being independent from the electric net, along with a news capacity without needing any kind of electric net.